The Flavorful Taste of Grand Prairie

As Danhof Aloe embarked on its inaugural live event, I came away with several key truths.

Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance 

This was a lesson I had learned from my days as a restaurant manager. I also learned that preparing for an event like this was just as hard and as rewarding as the event itself. Making lists and checking them many times, as the process went along, was a step we repeated over and over. I had the pleasure of meeting some great folks as I procured the necessary signs and stickers and banners. The people at DFW Stickers were very helpful, and friendly, and their prices and quality of goods were exceptional. Likewise were the people at Wylie Printing and Office Supply. After getting together all of the needed materials we held the “dress rehearsal”. We set up the tent and hung the banners and staged the product in the lobby of our office building, to make sure that we were ready and prepared. However, as the great sage Mike Tyson once said “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face.” How many blows would await our face at our first event?

Hope for the Best…..Plan for the Worst

 As it happened the only significant blow that came our way, was the wind during the setup. Our preparation had paid off. As we were one of the first businesses on the scene, the setup was rigorous but smooth. We were ready and waiting for the masses to flock to our tent. Well…..that’s what we were hoping for anyway.

All Shapes and Sizes

As the day began, we soon realized that there would not be a massive turnout that I had experienced at other “Taste Of’s”  as a manager at Spring Creek Barbeque. It was a hot day for the middle of October, reaching the low 90s and the crowds were a bit lackluster but made up of folks from all walks of life. Diversity was on full display, from the wonderful Mariachi bands that were  composed of local students, to the various local businesses in attendance and most importantly, the various food offerings that were available.

Some Believe Without Proof…….Some Hear the Proof but Don’t Believe

 However, the most flavorful part of the experience, I found, was the dozens of wonderful people with which I had a chance to visit. The folks I spoke with seemed to fall into three different camps. The first of which were the true believers. Those who knew the benefits of aloe and were taking it, in some form, on a semi-regular to regular basis. The second of which, fortunately, the vast minority, were the "we don't do aloe" folks. Strangely but not surprisingly, they could not explain why "they don't do aloe". Heck, I don't understand how the pictures appear on my television but it doesn't keep me from "doing TV". As I said, these folks were few and far between. The last group, the group I'm most thankful for, was the curious folks. Having spied our 40-year-old aloe plant, which we brought with us, they would approach and want to learn about our products and their extensive benefits. My wife and I were only too happy to discuss aloe, our company's founder, the late Dr. Ivan E. Danhof, and the many ways the daily use of aloe has improved our health and lives overall. 

The Reward is in the Struggle

We made a few sales but more importantly we made personal connections with folks who want to be healthy and want to stay away from expensive trips to the doctor's office and expensive medications. They were excited to hear how aloe could help them live a healthy life. Overall, having a booth at the Taste of Grand Prairie made for a long and tiring day. I learned once again, a truth that I have known most of my adult life, that the reward is in the struggle. It’s found in working with your team or in this case, my dad and my wife, all day in the heat. It’s found in packing up our booth after a long day when all we want to do is rest. Most importantly, It’s found at our favorite Grand Prairie restaurant, Jake’s, while having a deserved cold beverage and high-fiving my MVP spouse Sarah, on a job well done. 

Success is not Given….It’s Earned

Overall, it was a learning experience all around. We lost money but gained knowledge, gained wisdom, and hopefully some new believers and valuable customers. We look forward to attending more live events in the future, reaching out to more and more folks, and spreading the gospel of Danhof Aloe. We have a long way to go to reach our ultimate goals. However, as I work to continue my grandfather’s legacy of helping people live healthy lives, I’ll know that I can achieve small goals daily, bigger goals monthly, and my ultimate goal somewhere down the line, through hard work, proper planning, and a little faith. Outcomes are certain but the effort can be and that’s the sweetest taste of all.

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