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Danhof Aloe Vera Veggie Capsules


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The Danhof Aloe Veggie Caps are high-grade, organic additives for immune defense and total body health. This product helps enhance natural resistance and builds immunity to provide the body protection and helps achieve total body health.

  • Promotes WBC production
  • Aides with a healthy immune response
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Anti-viral
  • Anti-fungal
  • Excellent source of vitamin C and antioxidants

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Benefits vary by product. Caution: if you are nursing or pregnant, consult a health care professional before taking this product. Keep out of reach of children.

Take 2-4 capsules daily with water, with or without food.

Serving Size: 2-4 capsules Aloe Vera Whole Leaf 400MG *daily value not established

Total process lyophilized aloe vera powder (400MG)

Danhof Aloe Vera Veggie Capsules


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Keeping Me Healthy

Ever since COVID I've been looking for something to help me be more proactive with my health, keep my immune system on point that's affordable. The Aloe caps last me a month, that's costing me $1/day and since taking them I haven't had a hint of a bug. It's going on 2 yrs, keeping me healthy.

Michael Jabbour
Finest Brand Out There

Dr Danhof's aloe vera products are one of the finest brands out there. I know I'm getting a pure product because it has been overseen by Dr Danhof himself. It's hard to find an aloe vera that is processed without destroying all the good properties and at the same time is high in polysaccharides. I find it has given me alot of energy. Highly recommend to try for any ailment.

Michael B

Danhof Aloe products helped mitigate by shortening and reducing my COVID-19 symptoms. Their customer service is second to none.


Why is Danhof Aloe better?

Danhof Aloe is developed using a specific process that is unique, and who developed those processes? Dr. Danhof developed the "totaloe" process, which is used to create our elixir and gel. Dr. Danhof also determined that one of the best ways to protect the aloe polysaccharides is to expose the materials to cold and vacuum, a process called lyophilization-freeze--drying. This is the ideal mechanism for preventing any change in these naturally-occurring polysaccharides.

Dr. Danhof's research spanned over 30 years; in fact, he was referred to as the "Father of Aloe Vera." His trailblazing work with the Aloe vera plant laid the foundation for future discoveries that have benefitted many millions of people around the world who use Aloe vera products. Dr. Danhof remained a very humble man. he was once asked how he felt that many in the Aloe industry were calling him the “Father of Aloe.” He replied, “I really wish they’d stop saying that; God is the father of Aloe, not me.”

Why should I take Aloe Vera?

Aloe Vera contains over 200 biologically-active components like polysaccharides, vitamins, enzymes, and minerals; we call these "solids." The plant itself is 95% water, and the other 5% comprises these "solids."
The polysaccharides in aloe vera are the components that have demonstrated the most significant beneficial effects on our bodies. In other words, polysaccharides rule.

So let's talk about polysaccharides. They are of different lengths and are categorized as small chain, medium chain, large chain, and very large chain. Let's use an analogy to help this make more sense. Think of them as "necklaces"; we have small, medium, long, and very long necklaces. Each of these "necklaces" can be "worn" to impact different problems or diseases. Diabetes is a disease that benefits from the small chain "necklace." Various issues and illnesses wear medium-length "necklaces" because medium necklaces have antioxidant properties which fight against the formation of severe conditions. Large necklaces are worn for issues like infection, inflammation, and depressed immunity by providing anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and immune-boosting properties.

How much of each product should I take?

Danhof Aloe Elixir: Dr. Danhof recommended taking 1 ounce of Danhof Aloe Elixir 15 minutes before meal time. This will ensure a proper protective coating of the esophagus, stomach, and intestines, as well as initiate the absorption of the aloe into the body.

Danhof Aloe Veggie Caps: Dr. Danhof recommended taking two Danhof Aloe capsules per day, typically in the morning. However, taking three to four capsules daily is perfectly fine.

Danhof Aloe Gel: Dr. Danhof recommended using the gel as needed to provide relief for sunburns, insect bites, scars, age spots, or other irritations. Dr. Danhof used to show people the top of his hands as a conversation starter.

For many years, Dr. Danhof had been applying Aloe gel to one hand, but not the other – to illustrate the anti-aging effects of Aloe on the skin. And the difference was quite striking with the Aloe hand looking much more youthful!

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Do I need to refrigerate any of the Aloe products?

Once opened, we recommend keeping the Danhof Aloe Elixir refrigerated in order to extend its shelf life of quality, freshness, and taste. The other products do not need to be refrigerated.



You have the option to choose to ship via USPS or UPS. The shipping rate depends on the package's weight and the receiver's location. Each elixir (32oz.) weighs approximately 2 ½ pounds. Each gel (4oz) weighs 6 oz. Each capsule (400mg 60 counts) weighs 2 oz. Shipping is calculated at checkout via the provider chosen.


You will be notified via email and/or text message so you can easily track your package using the tracking number provided.


For questions and concerns regarding your shipment and the order received, talk to us via email at info@danhofaloe.com. A customer service representative is ready to help you.


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