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Danhof Aloe is a family business, and we'd like to introduce you to our family! Our mission is to help people live healthier lives. Watch this quick video to learn more about our mission.

@danhofaloe Meet the Danhof Aloe fam! #aloevera #aloeveragel #aloeverajuice #lovealoevera ♬ original sound - Danhof Aloe


Our dream is to help people live healthier lives through the use of Aloe Vera, this was Dr. Danhof's lifelong mission. "Gandy", is what his children, and grandchildren called him.

He was an amazing man and had an everlasting influence on all that he touched. Listen to Allen explain more about his grandfather. Watch this quick video to hear more about Dr. Danhof.

@danhofaloe Who was Dr. Ivan Danhof? Watch this video to find out! #healthandwellness #aloevera #familyownedbusiness #familyowned #aloeveraproducts #aloevera #aloeveraforhair #aloeveraforskin #aloeveragel #aloeverajuice ♬ original sound - Danhof Aloe

Allen Read, CFO

Other Duties: Chief Customer Support and Sales Officer, Manager of Operations, Most Important Father, and Keeper of Happiness for our family.

Sarah Read, Chief Marketing Officer

Other Duties: Sales Support and Customer Success, Website Manager, Runner up for Mother of the Year, and Project Manager of Life.

Duke Read, Consultant

Other Duties: Sales & Marketing, Giver of Joy & Entertainment, Dinosaur Expert, and the keeper of our hearts.

We hope you will give us a try, watch this quick video to learn more about how you can use Aloe in your daily life. Follow us on social media to see how we live our mission daily

@danhofaloe Aloe vera has many uses! Watch the video to learn how you can use aloe vera. 🙌🏼 #aloe #aloevera #aloeveragel #aloeverajuice #naturalhealthcare #naturalremedies ♬ original sound - Danhof Aloe

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Sarah's been busy creating, checkout these free downloads you can use to help you live a happy, healthy life!

Both Canva Templates and PDF downloads are provided!

Thanksgiving Bunting 2022 Canva Template
Thanksgiving Bunting 2022 PDF
Coming Soon Christmas Bunting!


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