5 Uses For Aloe Vera


Aloe vera is popularly known for its uses to help treat wounds and relieve sunburns. But did you know aloe vera has other benefits besides relieving sunburns? Aloe vera has been used for centuries for different purposes due to its ability to treat many different things. Aloe vera sometimes called the "wonder plant," is a thick and cactus-like plant with a short stem. When the leaf of the aloe vera plant is cut open, there is a thick gel-like substance that has been used for centuries to treat different conditions. But did you know there are other uses for aloe vera aside from treating sunburns? If you did not know, here are five uses for aloe vera. 

Lowering Blood Sugar 

Aloe vera can assist in controlling type two diabetes by helping with blood sugar management. Studies suggest that taking only two tablespoons of aloe juice can help manage sugar levels in people with type two diabetes because aloe vera has been shown to lower blood sugar levels. By breaking down sugar, aloe vera can limit how much sugar is absorbed by your intestines, resulting in managing your blood sugar. 

Helping with Dandruff 

Having dandruff is annoying and sometimes even embarrassing. Dandruff is a common condition that is known for having an itchy and flaky scalp. Living with dandruff can be very frustrating. You can use aloe vera products to help with the itching and flaking that comes with dandruff. Aloe vera gel and its unique properties can help with dandruff due to the four qualities of the gel inside the leaves. Aloe vera gel is known for having the ability to moisturize the skin. When we think of taking care of our skin, we often forget to think about moisturizing our scalp. Aloe vera gel also has anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce irritation, enzymes that help reduce inflammation when applied directly on the skin and is rich in antioxidants. 

Help with Constipation 

Did you know that aloe vera is a natural way to keep you regular? What this means is that ingesting aloe vera can help with constipation. Many people suffer from irregularity and struggle to find a way to go to the bathroom. In the past and present, aloe vera is often used for digestive issues. Aloe vera has a gel-like texture, and our intestines and digestive tract need moisture to function. Aloe vera has natural properties that help moisturize your body from the inside, which may help you with constipation. 

Skin Care 

Most of us have heard of using aloe vera for those pesky sunburns. But did you know that aloe vera can be used as a skincare staple? Aloe vera has fantastic moisturizing properties. Using a topical aloe product directly on your skin, like Danhof's Aloe Vera Gel, can bring a boost to your skincare routine. Aloe vera gel can help in hydrating and cool your skin while also providing your skin with minerals and antioxidants such as vitamin C. 

We have all gotten those annoying pimples on our faces before a big event or because of stress. Aloe vera has been known for centuries to help with healing, meaning that it can help with the healing process of those annoying and painful pimples. Aloe's healing properties come from the many different types of minerals and antioxidants that it has. Aloe vera gel is a calming topical substance that will help calm, cool, and hydrate your skin from dry skin to acne.

Helping Calm Down Acid Reflux 

Having acid reflux can be limiting; it can prevent you from eating the foods that you like and give you bad breath. As we said before, aloe vera is known for its healing and calming abilities due to its anti-inflammatory properties. Aloe vera also has a high amount of a compound known as polysaccharides, which is naturally occurring in the plant and is the plant’s main compound that helps reduce acid reflux. Taking aloe vera juice can effectively help reduce acid reflux symptoms. Because aloe vera is an anti-inflammatory agent with various calming enzymes, it can help by reducing acid production. Danhof Aloe's unique processing allows for a higher amount of polysaccharides than many other products, helping you achieve your health goals. 

How Can I Consume and Use Aloe Vera?:

In order to get all the amazing benefits of aloe, you need to take aloe in some way. Danhof Aloe has many different options for you to take your aloe. Of course, we recommend our Aloe Vera Gel if you want to use it directly on the skin for issues such as dandruff and skin care. Our Danhof Aloe Vera Gel is a high-grade, organic skin recovery and protection product. The Danhof Aloe Vera is made using reverse osmosis, so you receive double the aloe strength per use.

If you want to take it for issues affecting the inside of your body, we recommend the other products in our line. The Danhof Aloe Elixir comes in two flavors, original and strawberry kiwi and is a delicious way to savor and enjoy your aloe. The Danhof Aloe Elixir is a concentrated, organic, high-grade aloe vera supplement for digestive health and wellness.

Our next product that is ingestible is our Danhof Aloe Capsules. The capsules are an easy and convenient way to take your aloe. Whether you are looking for a bit of help with that annoying acid reflux or irregularity, an immunity boost, or just looking for an easy way to take your aloe, we recommend the capsules. The Danhof Aloe Veggie Caps are high-grade, organic supplements for immune defense and total body health. This supplement helps enhance natural resistance, builds immunity, provides body protection, and helps achieve whole-body health. 

Whether you're using it to boost your skincare, aid your digestion, or calm down your scalp, there are many reasons to incorporate aloe vera into your skincare routine! If you are looking for a natural way to improve your skin and internal health, then look no further than Danhof's Aloe Vera!


Danhof Aloe has been family-owned and family-operated since 2002. Guided by Dr. Danhof's lifelong principles of service, sacrifice, and love, our common goal at Danhof Aloe is to help people live healthier lives. 


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