Is It Good To Use Aloe Vera Every Day?

Aloe Vera its familiar. Where and Why?

You have probably seen an Aloe Vera plant before, or you've heard it mentioned in this episode of Seinfeld.


What is Aloe Vera, and where does Danhof Aloe source its Aloe Vera?

Aloe vera is a spiky, succulent plant that grows naturally worldwide in dry, tropical climates. Aloe grows best in volcanic soil; Danhof Aloe sources its Aloe from Aloe Jaumave, located in the state of Tamaulipas in the North East of Mexico. Aloe Jaumave is committed to "Aloe Sustainable Natural Purity," a patented process that allows them to satisfy their customer's needs without compromising the quality of the Aloe Vera. 

Aloe Jaumave Basic Principles


But do you know all the benefits it can offer for your health and wellness?

What do we know about Aloe and how does it benefit the body?

The over 300 species of Aloe plant have been used for its healing properties for at least 6,000 years. In the days of the pharaohs, it was given as a funeral gift because it was considered a "plant of immortality." The aloe plant leaves contain a gel-like tissue that is 98.5-99.5% water. The beneficial components are found in the remaining solids that have more than 200 different polysaccharides. Other chemical compounds found in the solids include soluble sugars, glycoproteins, phenolic anthraquinones, flavonoids, flavonols, enzymes, minerals, essential and nonessential amino acids, sterols, saponins, and vitamins., Aloe's numerous health benefits are mainly associated with polysaccharides and phenolic compounds. Aloe vera is an excellent plant because it can help your body inside and out. Aloe is well known for having antiseptic, antibacterial, and antiviral properties. Dr. Danhof was one of the first doctors to identify and lecture about scientifically proven therapeutic components of Aloe vera.

Aloe vera has many uses, ranging from topical to internal. While aloe vera is famous for being a treatment for sunburns, that is just one of the many uses this great plant can have in our lives when we add it to our routine. For centuries, aloe was one of the most used ingredients in medicine at the time. However, with the development of science and technology, we keep discovering more of its excellent benefits.


Typical Daily Uses for Aloe Vera

As we mentioned before, aloe vera has a significant number of daily uses aside from treating sunburns. Its everyday uses range from using it on the skin to consuming it orally to help you reach total body health. 

How can Aloe benefit the skin?

Let's start by discussing the everyday uses of Aloe for the skin. Its most well-known use is to soothe sunburns; the cooling and anti-inflammatory properties can boost the healing process and reduce the healing time. This is true for insect bites, minor nicks, cuts, or even razor burns. Aloe can be used on the skin for its excellent health and cosmetic benefits. Aloe vera increases collagen and helps your skin retain moisture like the plant's leaves do. Aloe also improves skin elasticity when used on the skin routinely. Due to it containing vitamin C and E. beta-carotene and its antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. Aloe vera also helps decrease the appearance of age spots and scar tissue on the skin. It's also an excellent treatment for those battling psoriasis and eczema.
Check out Aloe's impact on my wife's undereye over just one month! She applied a very thin layer nightly.


How can Aloe be taken internally?

Aloe is also used for its benefits on one's health, not just for your skin. Most people need to realize you can take Aloe orally via a capsule or drink; it's not just for your skin. Many people suffer from heartburn, a symptom of which is having unbalanced stomach acid, which can be painful and quite unpleasant. Taking Aloe daily can help balance stomach acid. Taking Aloe vera is a fantastic way to enhance your digestive health.

We already bragged that Aloe is rich in antioxidants and minerals; this is one reason why taking Aloe daily can help boost your immune system. In addition, taking Aloe can also give you a hand in promoting a healthy appetite.

Should you use aloe vera every day?

As we mentioned, Aloe has many pros when used daily, from helping your digestive health to cosmetic benefits. Aloe has been found to have little to no side effects when used topically on an everyday basis. So generally, Aloe is safe to use daily. Like any supplement, it can have some disadvantages if not taken correctly.


      • Aloe vera is rich in antioxidants and minerals: Aloe is rich in vitamins c, a, and e, E. beta-carotene, among other minerals and antioxidants.
      • Few known side effects: Studies have shown only a few known side effects when taking Aloe compared to its tremendous benefits when used daily.
      • Anti-inflammatory and antibacterial benefits: Aloe is known for having antibacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits due to compounds in the plant called polyphenols.
      • It is excellent for the skin: Not only does daily Aloe vera use help the skin with moisture retention and elasticity, but it can also help with acne, psoriasis, and eczema.
      • Aids digestive health: It helps soothe mucus membranes, regulate appetite, and balance stomach acid.



You should know that there is a vast difference between taking a whole-leaf Aloe vera product and taking our aloe elixir or aloe capsules. Aloe, which contains the outer pulp of the aloe leaves, contains Aloin, an anthraquinone that has a laxative effect. The FDA pulled products produced from the outer leaf in 2002 because information regarding their safety was insufficient. At Danhof Aloe, our products undergo a unique process that removes most of the Aloin (anthraquinones); that is our Totaloe process. Our Aloe plants are prepared by hand to remove the outer leaf, which contains the Aloin/latex responsible for any adverse side effects. According to the NCCIH, these are a few things you should consider before adding Aloe to your daily routine.


      • Upset Stomach: Like with any supplements or nutraceuticals, one can always "overdo it." This may lead to less-than-optimal results. You should always follow the directed serving size.
      • It can react with certain medications: Most medications Aloe interacts with are those prescribed for diabetes. Our product was designed with those affected by type two diabetes in mind. Despite this, if you have type two diabetes, you should discuss with your doctor the addition of any new supplements to your routine. Some surgery medications also interact with Aloe, so if you are planning to go under surgery and are taking Aloe, make sure you mention in your pre-op appointment that you are accepting our products.
      • Aloe in latex or gel form taken by mouth may cause reactions in pregnant women when ingested: Like any other supplement or medication, talk to your healthcare provider before using Aloe or other herbs. However, there haven't been found any side effects in pregnant women when Aloe is used topically. 

What kind of Aloe does Danhof Aloe offer?

We have already covered that Aloe is GREAT. Now you may be asking yourself how you can use Aloe to get those fantastic benefits we have discussed. At Danhof Aloe, we have different products to fit your wants, needs, and lifestyle. When looking for a way to use Aloe daily on your skin, we recommend our Aloe Vera Gel. Our Danhof Aloe Vera Gel is a high-grade and organic product. The Danhof Aloe Vera is made using reverse osmosis, so you receive double the aloe strength peruse.

When looking for an oral way to take your Aloe for its internal health benefits, we have other products in our line. The Danhof Aloe Elixir comes in two flavors, original and strawberry-kiwi. It is a delicious way to add Aloe to your life and diet. My grandfather developed the Elixir for type 2 diabetics because if it's taken 30 mins before meals, it can help balance blood sugar. The Danhof Aloe Elixir is a concentrate, so you only need 1 oz a day. I recommend taking it in the morning on an empty stomach. It's low calorie/low sugar, so it won't break your fast and if flavor is an issue for you, go with the strawberry kiwi.

We have another product that is also ingestible, our Danhof Aloe Capsules. The capsules are an easy and convenient way to take your Aloe to keep your immune system on point. In our house, we take the capsules before bed, we have a 4 yr old in PreK bringing home all the germs daily, and we haven't been sick ONCE this year. 

Whether you're looking to use Aloe for its fantastic health benefits or its many uses for the skin, Aloe is a must-have addition to your daily routine! If you are looking for a natural way to improve your skin and internal health, look no further than Danhof's Aloe Vera!


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