How Aloe Vera Can Help With Digestion

You have probably heard of aloe vera. Did you know that aloe vera can help you with your digestion? Aloe vera is a pointy and shrubby plant that has been used for the gel found inside its leaves for thousands of years. These leaves have numerous uses for many different health benefits. There are hundreds of potential uses for aloe vera! When most people think of aloe vera, they think of how it can help them treat a sunburn. However, aloe vera can be used for much more than only treating painful sunburns. Aloe vera is a great plant because it can help you on the outside, but also it can help the inside of your body. Taking aloe vera can help your digestion in different ways. Healthy digestion is very important because it is a central part of a healthy life; it can also affect how we socialize. Many of us know how frustrating it can be to have digestion issues, and aloe vera and its many benefits can help you with that. 

Acid Reflux 


Also known as heartburn, acid reflux is an annoying and painful condition when the acid in your stomach travels up to your esophagus after you eat or when you have an empty stomach. Acid reflux can be terrible because it can stop you from eating and drinking what you want or the amount that your body needs. Aloe vera can reduce the symptoms of acid reflux, such as the burning sensation or the bad taste in your mouth that comes from having heartburn, without horrible side effects. Aloe vera can also help reduce the symptoms of acid reflux by helping your stomach produce less acid. Aloe vera has been known for hundreds of years for its anti-inflammatory properties, which can help lessen the inflammation in the esophagus. It also helps keep the stomach pH balanced, so it's not too acidic. We recommend that those who suffer from GERD (Gastroesophageal reflux disease) or those who just want to prevent acid from traveling up their digestive system take one to two teaspoons of aloe vera a day. 

Breaking Down Food

When we think of the word digestion, we often think of food going in and down our body. The process of digestion is far from simple and sometimes, we need a little help with it. Apart from aloe's many vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, aloe vera is charged with many enzymes. Enzymes are proteins that kick in the metabolism, more specifically, a process starter. Aloe vera has enzymes that help your body break down fats and sugar, giving your digestive system a hand so it can run smoothly. The enzymes also help in decreasing irritation in your intestines and stomach. Aloe vera also has a carb that supports your intestines to absorb the nutrients that the body needs so much to function properly and stay healthy. A more significant number of the general population is becoming aware of the importance of the good and tiny bacteria that live in our intestines called the gut microbiota. Those small bacteria are what help keep your intestines happy and healthy. The important thing is to have many different types of good bacteria in your digestive system to work correctly and break down food well. Aloe can help keep the good bacteria alive, increase the different types of it and kill the bad bacteria found inside your stomach. Consuming aloe vera can help break down all the yummy food you need more efficiently to power up your body. 


Aloe vera juice contains compounds that can help keep a person "regular". In addition, aloe vera contains different kinds of dietary fibers which can help keep things moving in your digestive tract,  easing the symptoms of constipation. As you may know from personal experience, having constipation can make you feel like a blown-up balloon. Those affected by IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) know the struggles with this issue too well. The pulp inside the aloe leaf is slimy. This is because aloe has unique properties and compounds that make it slimy. But how does this help digestion? When you have balanced and healthy digestion, your intestines have a mucous-like lining that helps to discharge your waste easier. It's like the digestive system's natural moisturizer. When we are constipated often, it might be because we need more moisture so things can move better. Here is when taking aloe can help by adding that much-needed moisture inside the intestines, allowing you to pass waste easier.

As you have learned, aloe vera is good for skin issues, beauty purposes, and for reaching your internal health goals. Aloe vera is fantastic, as it contains 75 active components, including vitamins, enzymes, amino acids, and minerals, thus making aloe vera an excellent addition to your digestive health tool kit. 

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